The Kent County LPD is the home of the Libertarian Party in Kent County, Delaware.

With parts of Smyrna, Delaware in the north and parts of Milford, Delaware in the south, Kent County includes parts of eight Representative Districts and five Senate Districts in the State General Assembly, six county council "Levy Court" districts along with one at-large county representative, four county-wide row offices, four public school districts, and twenty municipalities.

Our mission is to advance the policies and principles of the Libertarian Party at all levels of our local government and into our communities by running candidates for public office; conducting outreach, education, and lobbying; providing a community for local Libertarians; and raising money to promote those efforts as well as similar efforts at the State and National level.

We currently hold monthly business meetings on the third Monday of each month at the McGlynn's Pub in Dover, beginning at 7p. We also organize or cosponsor other social and political events that will be announced here and on our mailing list.

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Public Health

It’s an objective observation about our reality that good health and safety are guaranteed to no one. To expect any government to provide them is corrosive over time to the freedom and wellbeing of those under its jurisdiction. Either through graft or naivete, agents of the state entrusted with the mission of “public health” will inevitably demand that their constituency surrender its autonomy so that they may pursue their goals unencumbered by the restraints of individual liberty. Even if a government could adequately provide public safety, history has demonstrated beyond a doubt that this compromise is rife with unforeseen consequences, moral hazard, and catastrophe – even with the best of circumstances and intentions.

It’s because of this that Libertarians believe that free people must be allowed to act on their own behalf – with complete independence. The assessment of risk, analysis of data, burden to act, and acceptance of consequences all must necessarily be the domain of the individual. Regardless of the perceived threat or potential benefit of unilateral government action, forcibly stripping the right to act/react in a manner of one’s own choosing cannot be sanctioned. Whether the outcome is tragic or triumphant the only way to ensure that it is just, is to leave the protection of person and property as a matter of individual discretion.

The Kent County Libertarian Party of Delaware rejects any and all policies, mandates, coercive gestures, and dictates levied by governments in the service of public health.