The Kent County LPD is the home of the Libertarian Party in Kent County, Delaware.

With parts of Smyrna, Delaware in the north and parts of Milford, Delaware in the south, Kent County includes parts of eight Representative Districts and five Senate Districts in the State General Assembly, six county council "Levy Court" districts along with one at-large county representative, four county-wide row offices, four public school districts, and twenty municipalities.

Our mission is to advance the policies and principles of the Libertarian Party at all levels of our local government and into our communities by running candidates for public office; conducting outreach, education, and lobbying; providing a community for local Libertarians; and raising money to promote those efforts as well as similar efforts at the State and National level.

We currently hold monthly business meetings on the third Monday of each month at the McGlynn's Pub in Dover, beginning at 7p. We also organize or cosponsor other social and political events that will be announced here and on our mailing list.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

August 2021 Meeting Agenda

This link leads to a draft agenda for the August 2021 Monthly Meeting.  Any items of business members wish to add to it should be directed to for inclusion.

Note on Parliamentary Procedure:

The Kent County Libertarian Party follows Roberts Rules of Order, and our Bylaws require an agenda to be adopted by members in attendance at the start of each monthly meeting.  The chair will usually prepare a draft agenda, which can be moved for adoption by any member in attendance, or an alternate draft can be moved by any member instead.  Assuming the motion is seconded, it can then be amended by a subsidiary motion, or approved by a majority vote.  Once the agenda is adopted, it is considered the "Orders of the Day", and any member can call for the Orders of the Day to direct the chair to hew to the agenda as it was adopted.  In order to stray from the agenda once it has been adopted requires a "Suspension of the Rules" and a 2/3rds vote.

All this is to say that if there's an item of interest you'd like added to our agenda, please email the chair before the meeting.  It's much easier to include those items into the initial draft agenda than it is to add them after the fact.

Our meetings are also usually more fun than the above description of parliamentary rules of order might suggest.

July 2021 Meeting Minutes

These minutes are APPROVED from the July 2021 KCLPD Monthly Meeting:

The amended bylaws can be found here.  The proposed amendments can be found here.

June 2021 Meeting Minutes

These minutes are APPROVED from the June 2021 KCLPD Monthly Meeting:

The various resolutions included can be viewed through the original document.

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New Site!

The Kent County Libertarian Party of Delaware has launched this Blogger site for our county affiliate.  Please check here for updates regarding meetings, social events, candidates, etc.

Our monthly meetings are currently held on the third Monday of each month at McGlynn's Pub in Dover.  We begin gathering at 7p and the meeting starts once everyone is settled.  Please join us or email for more information.