The Kent County LPD is the home of the Libertarian Party in Kent County, Delaware.

With parts of Smyrna, Delaware in the north and parts of Milford, Delaware in the south, Kent County includes parts of eight Representative Districts and five Senate Districts in the State General Assembly, six county council "Levy Court" districts along with one at-large county representative, four county-wide row offices, four public school districts, and twenty municipalities.

Our mission is to advance the policies and principles of the Libertarian Party at all levels of our local government and into our communities by running candidates for public office; conducting outreach, education, and lobbying; providing a community for local Libertarians; and raising money to promote those efforts as well as similar efforts at the State and National level.

We currently hold monthly business meetings on the third Monday of each month at the McGlynn's Pub in Dover, beginning at 7p. We also organize or cosponsor other social and political events that will be announced here and on our mailing list.

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Gun Rights

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Beyond that, if the Libertarian Principle of self-ownership means anything, it must include the right to self defense against aggression. The Kent County Libertarian Party of Delaware stands against restrictions on firearms ownership which hinder those rights.

While often well intentioned proponents of gun control measures believe that their policies will save lives, evidence suggests that gun control measures do not reduce gun related violence or even reduce firearms ownership in the affected areas. Instead, gun control measures ensure that victims of criminal activity will be unarmed and unable to defend themselves. Gun control measures ensure that marginalized communities with already high rates of criminal activity will be even more susceptible to violent criminals who break gun control laws as readily as the laws they break to victimize those communities in the first place. Gun control measures ensure that people who are unable to comply with the regulations and requirements put in place to obstruct their rights are either kept defenseless or victimized by a new justification for criminal justice interventions in their lives.

The Kent County Libertarian Party of Delaware supports the rights of all people to own firearms for recreation or for self defense. The Kent County Libertarian Party of Delaware supports the rights of all people to purchase firearms without being hindered by permit to purchase restrictions or restrictions on the types of firearms and accessories they may possess. The Kent County Libertarian Party of Delaware supports the rights of all people to build and modify their own firearms without being encumbered by government restrictions on those activities and especially on the sharing of information protected by the First Amendment as well. We support all legislation to repeal such restrictions and oppose all legislation to impose them.